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An Impressionable Welcome

Surrounded By Lush Greenery

Blossoms By The Park Site Plan

1st Storey

1. Arrival Courtyard
2. Arrival Water Feature
3. Bicycle Hub
4. Lift 1 (Basement 1 to 2nd Storey)
5. Lift 2 (1st to 2nd Storey)
6. Public Plaza 3
A. Bin Point
B. Bin Centre
C. Substation
E. Guard Post
C1 – Commercial Unit 2 (Basement 1)
C2 – Commercial Unit 3
C3 – Commercial Unit 4

2nd Storey

7. Public Plaza 2
8. Public Plaza 1
9. Kid’s Play Area
10. Function Room
11. Entertainment Room
12. Gymnasium
13. Male & Female Changing Room with Steam Room
14. Yoga Deck
15. Greenery Verandah
16. Viewing Pavilion
17. Social Lawn
18. Kid’s Pool
19. Party Lawn
20. Family Pavilion
21. BBQ Pavilion
22. Community Garden
23. Water Pavilion
24. Wellness Pool
25. 50m Lap Pool
26. Pool Deck
27. Side Gate (To one-north Park
C4 – Commercial Unit 1 (Access from Public Plaza)

Harmonising Nature and Modernity in Interlocking Topographies

This new residential development is designed with nature, within nature and amidst a myriad of habitats for cosmopolitan living. Luxurious dwellings link gardens, leisure spaces, waterscapes, co-working places and an urban retail cluster.

Every Arrival is a Grand Setting

Return from nature to a striking statement reception and a grand arrival within. The recurring theme is superb luxe living.

Tranquility in Luxurious Sanctuaries

Making views, nature and water the main focus of our leisure realms, our architects ensure your tranquil escapes deliver serenity even as the bustle of the country’s innovation district is hotting up just right outside.

Lushness Tier upon Tier

Blossoms by the Park is a home with places that residents will care about. Expanses of land are freed up, creating sweeping vistas of lush greenery, while integrating facilities with covered walkways for easy access between spaces.

The Right Balance between Workouts and Working at Home

Careful planning acknowledges the importance of entertainment – parties, casual gatherings, cosy relaxations – allowing work and play balance for you and your guests.
Careful planning acknowledges the importance of entertainment – parties, casual gatherings, cosy relaxations – allowing work and play balance for you and your guests.

You Will Be in a Constant State of Awe

Every Unit, a Wide Horizon; Every Glimpse, a Vast Nature

Coming Home is a Sweet Retreat

Quality materials, earthy colours and openness towards nature help define Blossoms by the Park. At the same time, placing comfort and refined aesthetics in the design helps create a thoroughly contemporary home. A digital smart lock from Igloohome ensures safety and security, while keeping access as convenient as possible.

A Recipe for Delight

A showcase of modern sophistication, the kitchen features finely crafted details, with smart kitchen appliances from Kuche bringing a mark of distinction to your home cooking.

Every Turn Reveals Ethereal Comforts

Space. Place. Materials. These elements create the foundation for the 275 units cleverly curated for residents who prefer life in the innovation lane. Fittings and fixtures from Grohe and Geberit help create an atmosphere of newness in luxurious surroundings

Smart Inside and Out

Each unit at Blossoms by the Park is pre-wired for an integrated digital system, with in-built digital locks and smart kitchen appliances. Smart facilities integrate technology into your daily lives – bringing you convenience and ease, anytime you want it.

Smart Oven

Remotely manage your baking with the Smart Oven – with sensors to perfect your dish and help you succeed with your cooking and baking.

Digital Lock

Security at your fingertips – the Digital Lock from Igloohome ensures you’ll always be safe and secure, without going through the hassle of managing keys

EV Fast Charging

Fast EV charging spots ensure you’re doing your part for a greener Earth, with a convenient way to charge your electric car – so you can relax, however far you are heading

Smart Hood

The Smart Hood filters water vapour and cooking odours out of the air during the cooking process, while staying integrated with the Smart Hob, giving you a hassle-free cooking experience.

Smart Hob

The Smart Hob features an intelligent temperature regulation function that dynamically adjusts the temperature in line with your recipe, keeping the heat constant. An additional flame failure device prevents spillage from entering the hob, ensuring safety and fuss-free maintenance.

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